• Besides manufacturing LED lamps and electronic devices for the control and command thereof, AMIRAS C&L Impex SRL has available production capacities for the assembly of the most complex printed circuit boards (PCB) with SMD components and THT (electronic components with leads), preparation of cables and connection wires, the protection thereof with specials resins and manufacture of various mechanical accessories.

These services include the following activities:

  • The procurement of electronic components and materials specific to the electronic industry, from traditional suppliers from the global market, so that customers would be qualitatively satisfied at minimum costs;
  • Preparation of materials with high productivity equipment (cutting and performing terminals, processing o cables, etc);
  • Assembly of SMD components on an automatic highly productive and flexible line, being able to process printed circuit boards-PCBs with sizes of up to 1500 mm (in length), soldering is done in “reflow” oven with nitrogen atmosphere and each assembled circuit is automatically optical inspection (AOI) in-line;
  • The assembly of THT components (with terminals) is done semi-automatically by using an equipment that ensures accuracy;
  • Soldering the components is done with the selective soldering equipment in nitrogen atmosphere or dual wave solderind equipment;
  • Final testing is done with stands for testing and reliability-rendering, which are specific to each electronic device/ circuit;
  • The final assembly of electronic devices includes the activities of achieving mechanical subassemblies wherein the tested and reliable electronic circuits are mounted subsequently.