They are drivers (switching mode power supply – SMPS) with constant current output and galvanic isolation:

Energy efficiency more than 85%;

MTBF over 50000h;

Without current distorsion (power factor over 0,95 and low THDI);

Galvanic isolation input/output;

Protections (with automatic return to previous sheet after removing the couse of the fault):

– Shortcircuit;

– Overcurrent;

– No load (UVLO);

– Thermal (overheating).

Very small variation of the output current, versus variation of the input voltage;

Protection index IP44 (on requested can be Protection Index IP67);

Very small dimensions;

In according with CE directives (Low Voltage, EMC, RoHS);

Enviromental conditions:

– Temperature: -25°…to +70° C;

– Storage temperature: -30°…to +85° C;

– Humidity: 20… 90% (non-condensing).

Technical data: