Project name: Sun Power & cooperation fusion for chEaper Electrical Devices manufacturing
Project number: 2019/104287
Start date: 01.02.2021
End date: 31.07.2022
Project promoter:
SC Amiras C&L Impex SRL
Project partners:
1st Project Partner: Høgskolen i Østfold (Oestfold University College – HIOF)
2nd Project Partner: NxTech AS (NT)
Project manager: Laurentiu Stancu
Main project objective:
Electrical device manufacturing cost reduction using energy from RES.
Specific objectives:
– Development of new small-scale PV installations/power plants to serve the Local Energy System (microgrid) by an EMS;
– To design, develop, test and integrate Energy Management.
Project Outcomes:
– Increase capacity to deliver renewable energy
– Reduced CO2 emissions in all sectors
– Enhanced research and development capacity on renewable energy and energy efficiency and energy security
Outcome indicators:
a) Estimated annual CO2 emissions reductions (in tonnes CO2 eq./year): 47,04 tonnes of CO2eq/
b) Electric energy produced from other renewable sources- solar (in MWh/year): 153,713 MWh/year
Output indicators:
a) Number of new or refurbished installations for production of energy/electricity from other RES: 7 new PV
b) Installed capacity for production of energy/electricity from other RES: 129.44 kW

Supported by the Norway Grants 2014-2021, in the frame of the Energy Programme in Romania

New PV installation operational
EEA norway grants Project Results
Amiras PV installation timelapse