1. Design:

Through its specialists, AMIRAS C&L Impex SRL carries out services of designing electrical equipment for the distribution and use of electricity with voltages ranging from 0.40KV to 20KV (Feasibility Study, Solution Study, Technical Project)

  • Industrial electrical facilities and systems
  • Overhead and underground electricity lines and connections with rated voltages of 0.4kV÷20 kV
  • Low and medium voltage transformer stations (supply points, connection points);
  • Three-phase/ single-phase connections, overhead or underground connections;
  • Electrical grids of public (street, environmental and pedestrian) lighting and indoor lighting;
  • Electricity grids for the supply of residential assemblies;
  • Industrial electricity supplies for small, medium and large enterprises;
  • Protection and measurement equipment.

2. Maintenance and Repairs:

  • for transformer stations;
  • repairs and service in case of failures or other defects
  • regular checks and reports
  • maintenance services for the equipment;
  • testing the protective equipment;
  • measuring the earth outlets;
  • check of the continuity of connections to earth outlets, the electrical panels and boards;
  • checks and measurements of protections by relays and automations (PRAM).
  • maintenance works on the public (street, environmental and pedestrian) lighting fixtures and indoor lighting.

3. Execution of Medium and Low Voltage Power Grids:

  • low voltage lines for public lighting;
  • underground power lines;
  • upgrading the low and medium voltage power grids;
  • releases of sites for low and medium voltage lines;
  • indoor power facilities related to civil and industrial buildings;
  • low voltage power facilities for use;
  • overhead and underground electrical single-phased and three-phased connections, facilities for the connection to low voltage; overhead and/ or underground power lines with rated voltages of 0.4 kV – 20 kV;
  • electricity grids for the supply of residential assemblies.