1. Devices for start the discharge of lamps with high pressure metal vapours.

Research Contract no. 968/2001 within the national program RELANSIN 2001-2002.

2. Street lighting system with sodium vapour lamps – fixture with low level of electromagnetic interference, 2003-2005.

Research Contract no. 1746/2003 within the national program RELANSIN.

3. Vocational training for re-conversion, qualification and specialisation in the electric field, in trades specific to low and medium voltage electrical networks, 2004-2005.

Contract RO-2002/000 – 586. within the Phare 2002 programme, Economic and Social Cohesion, Human Resources Development.

4. Enhancing the active measures for employment by supporting courses in the profession of electrician, 2005-2006.

Contract RO2002\3/2005 – 551. within the PHARE 2003 programme, Economic and Social Cohesion, Human Resources Development.

5. “Procurement of new means of transportation and equipment”.

No. and date of the Bank Loan Contract and AFN: 195/25.09.2006.

6. PHARE Programme 2004 CES DRU Promoting the Human Capital.

Project PHARE/2004/016 – 772. – Increase of work productivity by continuous training programs in the electrical field.

7. “Smart equipment for the control of street lighting systems” 2007-2010.

Research Contract no. 56/2007 within the national program 5 INNOVATION.

8. “Method and equipment for testing the longitudinal profiles of main streets in a dynamic way”.

Research Contract no. 123/2007 within the national program 5 INNOVATION.

9. POSDRU Project 24/2.3/G/17727 “Continuous training in the electric and IT field for qualification/ re-qualification of employees”.

Contract no. 21/09.02.2009 within the POSDRU 2007-2013 program.

10. “The development of the productive sector in the electric field by increasing the production capacity”.

Funding contract no. 127/04.03.2009 within the Operational Programme “Increase in the Economical Competitiveness” 2007-2013”.

11. “New innovative LED-based products intended for lighting”

Funding Contract no. 495/31.07.2013 within POS CCE, Axis 2, Operation 2.3.3.

Promoting the innovation within enterprises.