The LED tubes series ALT-xxxx are mercury-free and are very efficient in terms of energy. They have been development in order to replace the fluorescent tube T8 and T12 in the standard luminaires with fluorescent lamps.

They have been designed to be supplied directly from the electricity network, not requiring any intermediary components (ballast and starter) as it was the case of fluorescent tubes, thus resulting an additional saving besides the saving of 50-70% resulted from the reduction of electricity consumption.

Using LEDs with a colour temperature (CCT ) appropriate to the working environment, with a colour rendering index (CRI) of over 80% and removal of the disturbing effect of flickering from fluorescent luminaires contributed to the light comfort in the working environment, therefore a better light quality andincreased visual acuity. All these lead to the conclusion that the LED tubes series ALT/xxxx are to be used in relation to classical applications of indoor lighting and specialised applications, such as: refrigerating equipment, commercial areas where the light colour and colour rendering index are important.

The LED tubes series ALT-xxxx are designed and made of robust components, including the SMD LED and the controller managing the energy management, ensuring high reliability of the product, making it suitable for industrial applications and heavy duty environments (wide range of temperatures: – 40ºC..+70ºC).

The constructive solution chosen, with the constant current driver integrated on the same PCB as the LEDs, provides low weight, and an angle of radiation of over 200°.


  • Designed and manufactured in Romania;
  • SMD LEDs with a lifetime of more than 50000h;
  • Luminous efficiency of more than 90Lm/W;
  • Colour Temperature range from 3000K to 6000K;
  • Power factor over 0.95;
  • Minimum 2 year warranty period.