About Us


Our engineers are experts in their fields, although most of them are young.

Most of our products are new technical and technological solutions and are protected at OSIM (Romanian State Office for Inventions and Trademarks).

Because the field we work in is very new, which means that it is continuously changing and improving, we always seek new solutions that would provide performance to our products and satisfaction to our customers.

What is it that actually inspires our engineers and technicians to always search for something new? One of the reasons is certainly the feeling of working for a brand that is in the top in Romania in the LED lighting industry. This explains the commitment and motivation necessary for the exceptional efforts made.

Quality and Safety

Since 1992, our name is synonymous with quality. There should be a reason for this.

Our customers in the technique of lighting and electronic industry have always requested quality products. They trust our experience, our knowledge and manufacture of lighting fixtures and electronic devices for them for more than 20 years (igniters, electronic ballasts and now, products in the LED Lighting field, e.g.).

What is always important to us? – It is the safety and reliability of our products and our customers satisfaction when they used them.

With a quality management system in compliance with EN ISO 9001, we constantly demonstrate the compliance with these high quality standards.

The name AMIRAS always expresses quality and this arises from the fact that we give great importance to our internal expertise, own efforts of research and constantly seek solutions to improve our products and production processes.

All our products correspond to and are certified in compliance with the requirements of European (EC) standards and therefore of the European Directives governing this field (LED Lighting and electronic devices for these).


People are different, and this is why we need them.

Currently, more than 80 people work for AMIRAS and there are not two alike. Each person is an individual who develops their skills that can be used in many ways.

We have united knowledge, skills and processes to create a unity that is more than merely a collection of individual parts. By an advanced management of projects, these structures have evolved into a sophisticated and efficient system wherein the problems are solved by teamwork and thus, better results are achieved.

Our training system has significant contribution. Since 2012, AMIRAS is also a leader in the training and workforce qualification field in this area of Romania (please see website: www.cursuri.amiras.ro). The technical expertise and skills in this field are our most important strengths.

However, initial training/ qualification is not sufficient. In our field, which is continuously evolving, lifelong learning is now a basic requirement for professional success. In this field, we shall also provide continuous training opportunities to our employees, for professional qualification, They can be in the following fields: technical, administrative, business or financial.



A company with passion for lighting and electricity.

Our motto is: “Light &Electricity for you!”

Established in 1992, AMIRAS C&L Impex SRL is today one of the leading providers of services in the design and execution of low and medium voltage equipment in Romania.

Since 2012, through its own effort and European funds, it has developed the design and manufacture of modules, lamps and LED lighting fixtures including the electronic devices for the control and command thereof.

The production site near Targoviste – a city with a tradition in the lighting technique – is equipped with state-of-the-art technological and testing equipment, which provide highly complex and high quality products.



Values are the key to our success;

We create customer value through everything we do.

• We have a portfolio of innovative products and services with strong emphasis on energy efficiency;

• We are a professional and diverse team that works with passion and dedication;

• We meet the business ethics and treat all our business partners with honesty, fairness and respect.

In the upcoming pages, you can find more details on who we are, where we come from, how we think and work.

We hope you will like it!


As the world changes, we also change.

In business, AMIRAS C&L has always been relate to lighting. First, it takes the form of solutions that would enable various sources of light be integrated into lighting fixtures. Second, it is a matter of street and industrial lighting fixtures, where we shall develop and provide systems for each individual application, combining the latest software and hardware solutions.

However: “all is undergoing change”. This involves our continued efforts in the development of new products and solutions with direct effect in energy saving, which is our main goal.

We want to be professionals and courteous in all areas and occasions, despite all external pressures.