The LED street lighting fixtures manufactured by AMIRAS meet our concept of: “maximum energy efficiency” and are suitable for illuminating the ME1, ME2, ME3, ME4, ME5 and ME6 class roads, tunnels, crossroads and other outdoor areas.

We have two constructive solutions:

  • ALSM – xxx, with monoblock lens. Practically, there are 12 lenses for 12 power LEDs in a single unit made of PMMA, or a single transparent silicone rubber lens for a COB (Chip on Board) type LED. These lenses are sealed with silicone rubber gaskets;
  • ALSS – xxx, with simple lenses. For every LED or group of 4 LEDs, one lens made of PMMA is related thereto, and the protection against external agents is achieved by a mechanical shock resistant glass window and a silicone rubber gasket;

Each of the two types can be made in two constructive variants related to how it is secured on the pillar:

  • with fixed arm;
  • with adjustable arm (the angle to the horizontal line may be adjusted between +/- 90 degrees);

Regarding the input power they are: 36W, 70W, 90W and 120W, which successfully replace the street lighting fixtures with high and low pressure sodium (HPS) or mercury lamps with the following powers: 70W, 150W, 250W and 400W, having the same or higher photometric efficiency and night visual acuity and thus, the electric power consumption decreases by 50-70%.

The LED street lighting fixtures manufactured by AMIRAS, through the LEDs and lenses used, respectively through their electronic and mechanical design, they significantly reduce environmental “light pollution” (Dark Sky Friendly), do not release UV or IR radiations and do not contain hazardous materials (particularly lead, mercury, cadmium, etc.), being compliant with the European Directive RoHS and thus contributing to their easier recycling after use.

In addition, they are provided with hardware and software interface, in order to be used subsequently in a smart lighting control system. This system is undergoing development at AMIRAS.


  • Body made of die-cast aluminium alloy and electrostatic paint;
  • OSLON – type power LEDs manufactured by OSRAM Semiconductor or COB Vero 18 manufactured by Bridgelux;
  • The lifetime of LEDs is of over 50000 hours;
  • Low level of light pollution;
  • Colour temperature of the LEDs ranging from 3000K to 6500K;
  • Colour rendering index ( CRI ): over 75%.